Elham Shafaei
An Ongoing Project

Monstera in Conversation

This project provides a series of absurdist podcasts about dialogues between humans and Monstera plant to determine the importance of nature in humans’ life during the time of pandemic. I use a specialized device that translates electrical variations in plant into musical pitches. The result is a continuous stream of pleasing music/sound that gives us a sonic window into the secret life of plants. I use Monstera’s ‘voice’ to converse with the invited humans (guest/s) and create a series of absurd dialogues
Every month Monstera is in conversation with its guests!


 "Womanhood" Series

Mixed media on fabric, 2020

"Effort of Survival"series

Marked baking sheets collected from a series of baking sessions, 2020-2021

"Toys Are We" Series 

Mixed media on canvas, Soft sculpture, 2019-2020

"We are lost" Series

Mixed media on primed & un-primed canvas, 2018-2019

“violence before violence” Series

Body print, Stitch on fabric, 2019-2020

"Born to live"

Handwoven recycled plastic bags, 2020

"Complete Freedom"

Correction pen on old books, 2017-2018

"Breasts' Ritual" Series

Stone carving, 2014

"Homeland" Series

Marker on cloths & ink on papers, 2018

"A true copy is a copy" Series

Ink on paper, A4, 2018

"They deserve some snap-chat" series

Photo-montage, 2018 

"The cave" series

Ink on paper, A3, 2017

"The vegetable soup" Series

Collage on paper, A3, 2016


Acrylic on canvas, 2015

"I'm still crying" Series

Acrylic on canvas, 2015